Lafayette General Foundation Invests in HealthLoop

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Lafayette General Foundation (LGF) recently invested in HealthLoop, a patient engagement and care coordination business based in Mountain View, CA. HealthLoop received $500,000 in funds as part of the Healthcare Innovation Fund’s effort to fuel and finance new products and services that can improve the healthcare industry. 

HealthLoop’s technology is a cloud-based platform that helps communication between patients and their care team after an office visit or hospitalization. HealthLoop sends automated emails, text messages, app and portal notifications with daily check-ins for follow-up care.

This technology sends patients important and timely personalized information so they can know what to expect and do every day. The unique algorithms used in the daily check-ins detect concerning symptoms, and notifies the patient’s care team. HealthLoop allows care providers to intervene before issues become expensive, or life-threatening. HealthLoop’s technology also allows care providers to focus on those patients who need them the most. 

“The Foundation is dedicated to assisting innovations that transform how healthcare is delivered,” said Cian Robinson, Executive Director of Lafayette General Foundation. “We want to provide patients with confidence that their care team is with them throughout their recovery. HealthLoop is a key to bringing patients that next level of care with simple communication.”

To qualify for the Healthcare Innovation Fund, there is an investment review process to evaluate a company’s or a product’s potential in the marketplace. If the evaluation process is satisfied, both the Foundation and Lafayette General Health boards must approve the investment before any monies can be transferred.

The Foundation is currently looking into other healthcare-related start-up businesses for subsequent investments. For more information about the Healthcare Innovation Fund, call the Foundation office at (337) 289-8950.

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