The Family Church Partners with LCG to Refurbish Moore Park Baseball Fields

Rendering of renovated Moore Field
Featured photo: Rendering of renovated Moore Field

Anyone familiar with Pastor Jay Miller of the Family Church knows what a dynamic leader and visionary he is. Miller’s church is situated at 223 Stone Avenue, which is accessible only from North University Avenue near I-10. LCG plans to extend North St. Antoine to run parallel to the church property, with bids slated to go out in Fall 2017 for construction of the extension which will open up access to the area.

The Family Church is also home to Lafayette Christian Academy (LCA), offering classes from Pre-K through 12th grade, with a student population of 980. The school offers affordable tuition, with 6th through 12th grade costing $6,024 plus fees. As the school has grown, so has the success of its athletic program. Earlier this year, both the girls and boys basketball teams won first place in statewide competition. 

Pastor Jay Miller Holding 2017 Dual Championship Trophies for LCA Girls and Boys Basketball teams

(Photo: Pastor Jay Miller Holding 2017 Dual Championship Trophies for LCA Girls and Boys Basketball teams)

Pastor Jay and his congregation have bought up most of the land surrounding the church and school, which abuts I-10, Couret Farms, and Moore Park, a four-field softball park and multi-purpose facility. This LCG-owned park is visible from the field where LCA’s new Sports Complex is being built. With a recurring lack of funding, Moore Park has deteriorated and is unusable in its current state of disrepair. 

Recognizing the need to offer athletic facilities such as a ball field to his school’s students as well as all students living in our area, Pastor Jay reached out to Gerald Boudreaux, LCG’s Director of Parks and Recreation to discuss a partnership. A deal to join forces and offer a first-rate baseball facility to the public was reached. Effective December 21, 2016, the Family Church assumed control and responsibility of Moore Park for an initial period of ten years, renewable up to 60 years, which was approved by the Lafayette City-Parish Council pursuant to Ordinance 0-250-2016.

Under the agreement, the Family Church agreed to renovate the existing fields, dugout, concession area and restroom facilities. While LCG maintains ownership of Moore Field and the public will have access to its facilities, Lafayette Christian Academy has the right to use the field for its sports program and sell on-site concessions, school related paraphernalia, etc.

The Family Church underwrote the cost of the engineering, design and plans for this transformation of Moore Field. Approximately $1.6 million will be needed to totally renovate the park’s four fields, and provide enhancements such as fountains, an up-to-date concession facility and entertainment pavilion as depicted in the photos. 

In order to make the entire vision a reality, the Family Church is reaching out to our community for funding assistance to match money it has committed to the project. Having already set aside $300,000 to commence the work, the church will spend $100,000 per year over the next ten years. Pastor Jay will start renovating two fields with currently available funding, but this will not be enough to complete the project. Please consider contributing to this project to accelerate the pace of construction and help all people of our community have a first-rate ball park.

Pastor Jay Miller may be reached at or (337)234-0214. May God bless this beautiful project!

Rendering of Moore Field fountains

(Photo: Rendering of Moore Field fountains)


Rendering of renovated Moore Park Concession Stand

(Photo: Rendering of renovated Moore Park Concession Stand)


Rendering of proposed pavilion for entertainment

(Photo: Rendering of proposed pavilion for entertainment)