TEAM Link, an Upper Lafayette initiative, seeks to provide a healthy forum for business owners to interact, learn and advance together to enhance economic growth.
In order to achieve this vision, we propose monthly success summits in which distinguished professionals will share:
• Innovative practices.
• Vital knowledge and wisdom.
• Crucial business and communication skills.
• Applicable personal experiences. 

The success summits will utilize various means of disseminating information, including: 
• Open panel discussions. 
• Seminars.
• Workshop.
• Q & A sessions.

In addition to the monthly success summits, we envision hosting at least one social and one philanthropic project each year.

As our community continues to flourish, TEAM Link aims to join forces with Upper Lafayette Economic Development Foundation and local business owners while providing opportunities to develop meaningful relationships with like-minded professionals.

Membership will be granted by and success summit speakers will be guided by the expertise of a Board of Advisors. TEAM Link aims to attract professionals of integrity who are willing to work toward the common goal of facilitating and promoting the success of all members. Membership dues of $100 annually will be collected and used to attract professional presenters at the success summits, membership essentials, and needs for the social and philanthropic endeavor.

537 Cajundome Boulevard
Suite 111
(337) 315-7198