Dupre, Reggie


Reggie Dupré







Born                  January 28, 1951

                          Opelousas, LA

Education        Opelousas High School                                       1969

                          University of Southwestern Louisiana                BS 1973

                          LSU Medical School New Orleans                      MD 1979

Family              Wife                            Marie Martinez Dupré         Married May 18, 1973

                          Daughters                 Reneé, Ellione, Amily

                          Son                             Dominic

                          Grand Daughter       Ava


Formed Dupré Transport, Inc. on October 1, 1979, and began operations on March 20, 1980.  Opened corporate office in Opelousas and began with two tankers hauling gasoline and diesel fuel in south Louisiana.  Diversified into chemicals, dedicated fleets, and transportation management over the years.  Expanded geographically with offices today in 23 states and operations into Canada and Mexico.  In 1995, moved corporate office to Lafayette, LA and in 2008 changed name to Dupré Logistics, LLC.

Total team of over 1,200 logistics professionals focused on delivering the Dupré mission, Safe Service That’s Profitable. 

Boards and Affiliations:

Louisiana Board of Regents                                                    1995-2005

Hope for Opelousas Board of Directors                                 2007-Present

Northwestern University Transportation

Center Business Advisory Committee                                    2010-Present

American Trucking Association Board of Directors              2009-Present

Lafayette Central Park, LLC


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