Klemp, Greg

Greg Klemp is the General Manager at Oakbourne Country Club. He has 25 years of working in private country club and cruise line hospitality operations management, and he has become a turnaround expert as a result of his militant cruise line career experiences. The consistent application of those experiences in the Private Club Industry has allowed him to achieve dramatic increases in profitability at both yacht and country clubs throughout the southern U.S. 

Greg has partnered with and advised multiple Boards of Directors to determine the organizational goals, and has developed strategic plans to reduce the cost side of the operational equation utilizing those operating procedures and systems. He drives the top line of revenue via Membership, Golf and Banquets utilizing proven target marketing and promotion programs. 

Mr. Klemp enjoys work, but loves spending time with his family and children. He has a private pilot’s license and loves flying. His sense of community involvement and fulfillment comes from his activity with the Chamber, GAWN, and the Exchange Club.

General Manager
3700 E Simcoe St.
(337) 500-1411
Upper Lafayette Silver Member