Dupuis, Don

Don Dupuis is the CEO, Chairman of the Board and majority shareholder of ACS and has been employed by the firm since its inception in 1969. ACS specializes in the sale, installation, training, support and maintenance of its proprietary medical billing and collection software system (CompuMD). ACS also performs billing services on behalf of healthcare providers as well as revenue enhancement and operations improvement consultation services through its seven (S) offices located around the state.

ACS currently processes revenue cycle work for 5,000 plus Physicians in several states. ACS has 600 plus employees located in multiple states. However 95 percent of employees are located in several offices in Louisiana. About 150 ACS employees are located in Lafayette. 

The ACS Practice Management Division currently provides billing, collections and Accounts Receivable management services to various medical specialties, pathology, radiology, anesihesiology and emergency. Dupuis directly supervises this effort along with two (2) reimbursement and revenue enhancement specialists. ACS has experienced phenomenal success in enhancing the revenue of its consulting clientele.

ACS presently submits more claims to Louisiana Medicaid and Medicare fiscal intermediaries electronically than any other vendor in the state.

Dupuis received his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of South Louisiana in 1965.

CEO & Chairman of the Board
324 Dulles Dr.
(337) 981-2494
Upper Lafayette Platinum Member & Board Member