Dunphy, Grover

Grover Dunphy incorporated Acadiana Rubber & Gasket in 1974, and has been working since then at his location at 102 E. Simcoe in Lafayette servicing Industrial and Oilfield accounts for all of their hose, gasket and other rubber product needs.  As the oil sector has grown throughout Acadiana and beyond, Acadiana Rubber & Gasket has grown to fulfill the critical needs of this all important segment of our local economy.  Grover has also played an important role in his industry on the national level, serving as president of the consortium of 64 companies known as the Rubber and Gasket Companies of America.  

Recognizing the importance of citizen involvement in making our community safer and easier to navigate, Grover also has served as City-Parish Council District 7 Appointee on the Citizen Advisory Committee in recent years. 

Grover is an avid supporter of our local Louisiana sports teams.  UL – Lafayette  and LSU football are both lucky to have Grover promoting his beloved teams.  His love of sports permeates any conversation, and he reminds us all of how much we our lives revolve around the fun and camaraderie found at any football game! Grover is also a wizard in creating delicious snacks, specializing in a sumptuous cheese crisp that he is considering offering on the retail market.

(337) 261-0101
102 E Simcoe St.