John Paul The Great Academy

Driving through the beautiful entrance of John Paul the Great Academy at 1522 Carmel Drive in Lafayette is a wonderful treat for first time visitors, as well as the growing group of supporters and families who call the campus home.   The first impression is overwhelming and always reminds one that there is no greater artist than God:  the entry drive presents a stately row of seasoned oak trees that beckon all to stop and pay homage to the myriad of Religious statues, a prayer grotto, and 32 acres of lush land dedicated to the Catholic education of students, ages Pre-K 3 through 12th grade.  

Peter Fletcher, John Paul the Great’s Headmaster, took us on a tour of the campus during the 2013 holiday season.  The magnificent building, built in the late 1920s and purchased from the Christian Brothers, has newly renovated classrooms, a 24 hour perpetual adoration Chapel, and rolling hills where the 220 students can spend their recess periods winding down between their rigorous classes.   A wonderful landscape awaits students and their parents who are looking for an education that offers safe and rigorous Catholic instruction and small class sizes which allow for personal instruction. 

John Paul the Great Academy provides each student with a traditional Catholic education providing a firm foundation of knowledge and reason.  The school not only aspires to teach children to read and write, but also to love their fellow man. In doing so, John Paul the Great Academy prepares students for the future and also for eternity.  In keeping with these educational standards, John Paul the Great Academy requires that each student participate in Speech and Debate for at least one year in order to prepare each for the challenges we all face as adults to stand and express our reasoned opinions.  Acknowledging that well rounded students are the best citizens, the campus also proudly boasts championship titles in football, soccer, and volleyball.

Upper Lafayette is grateful for our loyal member, John Paul the Great Academy as well as its Headmaster, Peter Fletcher, for enriching our community and supporting our foundation. For further information, please call (337)889-5345 or visit



1522 Carmel Drive