One Acadiana


One Acadiana, formerly the Greater Lafayette Chamber of Commerce, is currently transforming into a national-caliber regional economic development organization serving a nine-parish (county) area in south Louisiana. The new model will focus on executing The Campaign for One Acadiana, a five-year, $15 million initiative focused on a long-term vision of making Acadiana one of the most high quality, sought after regions in the South for business and talent.

One Acadiana will deliver a new, highly professional, nationally competitive economic development program for the region, which will help manage Acadiana's current and long-term growth, retain and grow current business, and diversify the economic base by attracting new emerging growth industries and professional talent.


In addition to leading new regional activities, One Acadiana will continue to provide leadership and coordination for local business issues in Lafayette Parish. Local chambers in other Acadiana municipalities and parishes will continue to provide leadership over business issues in their areas, and One Acadiana will work together with them to help inform the planning and implementation of the new regional initiative.



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