Acadiana Computer Systems

Acadiana Computer Systems, Inc. (ACS), a Louisiana based company, provides Revenue Cycle Management Services, Proprietary Revenue Cycle Management Software, and Healthcare Consulting Services to over 3,000 providers ranging from large academic teaching facilities, physician practices and other healthcare entities. Their commitment is to design innovative software products and provide billing and management services that enhance the operations and revenue of their clients.

ACS was founded in 1969 with its focus on software development. Ten years after its inception, ACS developed specific computer applications and revenue cycle management software to simplify and facilitate the billing functions of medical practices. This focus continues today with a staff of in-house programmers who maintain and develop their proprietary software, CompuMed. CompuMed is a comprehensive package that automates the business functions of medical practices to improve revenue efficiencies and reduce efforts and administrative costs. Their proprietary software development gives ACS the added advantage of being able to create resourceful solutions to address emerging issues in healthcare reimbursement and adapt to the fast pace changes in the industry.

ACS’s strengths are two-fold: their proprietary software package and their fully trained personnel. These strengths gives ACS the unique capability to focus on key elements to advance the success of their clients. They are committed to timely and proactive business solutions that enhance the achievements of their clients. By combining their own software technologies and revenue cycle management expertise, their billing and collections efforts are focused on improving performance and increasing cash flow so that key components of their clients’ practices function at their optimal level.

Experience in the healthcare industry, established relationships with payers, dedication to excellence and continuously updated resources are what ACS offers. Their team of practice management professionals assures prompt and reliable service so you can concentrate on managing your patients' healthcare needs and feel comforted that your business is being well managed.

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